I’ll be taking my lead from this Mama Blackbird and nesting. Tending the garden, spending time with my little family, and focusing on moving gently through these next few weeks.

In the meantime if you are looking for a Fairy Wren Cottage fix there are my free ebooks that you are very welcome to download. Plus lots of blog articles here on the website as well as the different tabs at the top of the screen that you can click on and flick through. 

There is always my Instagram page as well where there are 100’s of Instagram highlights saved and  1,898 posts. I have had messages from lovely people telling me they have read each post and likened it to reading a book!

I love sharing Fairy Wren Cottage with you via social media and so glad that you are here.

See you soon.

Take precious care, Jude x

Lessons from Mama Blackbird.

December 16, 2021



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