An update: We hatched 11 chicks in the incubator. Five Buff Orpington x Australorp chicks have now gone to their new home with a broody hen.

And for me the temptation was too much, I held onto 6 chicks…by now I think that you know me well enough not to be surprised! When I figuratively hatched a new plan regarding keeping the chicks and awkwardly suggested my new proposal Michael just smiled. After questioning his lack of response the reply was simple, he knew I couldn’t go through with selling every chick, after being married for 21 years we probably know each other better than our own selves, fair enough. He was however surprised how long it took me to come up with that new plan. In my defence I had advertised for all the chicks to find new homes until Lil  gave me some very strong arguments for keeping the chicks. Then with two hens going broody in the hen house well it really was throwing caution to the wind, and hoping for the best that one of those hens would instinctively adopted the chicks. Plum the Orpington hen was rather objectionable when we introduced her to the chicks, within an hour she had jumped the fence (who knew she could do that) and was back to sitting on her hay bale.

So here we are, four buff orpington chicks and two dove grey chicks (Buff Orpington x Australorp) makes a total of six chicks that our darling first time foster mum Snowbell is caring for. She is doing a terrific job and we are over the moon that our sweet Silkie is finally a Mama after going broody so often. It is such a relief to have a great Mama hen in the hen house again.

Sending Light & Love,

Jude x


Snowbell & the chicks.

October 25, 2021



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