As you may have read in previous posts our garden has been undergoing some major renovations. It’s all good. Resilience and regeneration are two words that are always in my thoughts when I am thinking about garden plans here at Fairy Wren Cottage. I first planned this garden based on Permaculture principles and that frame work has stood the test of time. Over the years our garden has grown and changed with us, we have made alterations based on observations, trial and error and of course time, time teaches so much.

It’s a “push” year for us. One of those years we have to push through to get to the other side of plans made and changes unfolding. Sometimes it can feel like a real slog, like wading in molasses especially now that my hand injury limits so much that I can do. Some days it can feel like everything is on top of us and everywhere we look there is something to do. And some days it can feel like little by little, one step at a time we are getting there, we can see the results. But through all of it, this push year, following on from last years push year, I remind myself-

This is all a privilege. A privilege to be caring for the land, being able to grow food for us, food for the animals in our care and food for the wildlife, to provide habitat, safe housing, fresh water for bird baths, trees planted for shade and protection. Changing things around to allow me to be more independent, more flowers for the bees, planting more and being able to draw more carbon down into the ground. It is all worth it this push year.

Soon we will return to a routine of gardening following the seasons, doing some regular necessary maintenance, more time to enjoy it. Less pressure because everything will be finished  but until then our days will be punctuated with things that need doing to accomplish the changes. I won’t be sharing a big reveal, look what we have done because it really isn’t that simple. It is a lot of little changes, the sum of its parts adding up to big changes. Like paths being filled in and made into perennial garden beds, trees being moved, new fencing around the herb garden, that new fencing being replaced when we realise it isn’t functional, the Honeybee the duck jumps over it and the wire hooks on our clothing. It’s building the hothouse, planting a new order of roses and fruit trees. Shifting the raspberry patch, doubling the young berry patch. Shifting lots of violets and planting the herb garden with more herbs to make herbal teas, making and filling raised garden beds. It’s all of these things, done when physically possible and in between payed work, study, home schooling, appointments and family time.

Herb garden fencing Plan B!

A dry spot in the unfinished hothouse to put my potting table. Out of the weather these seedlings were potted up and are going back to the warmth of the enclosed front verandah.

Slowly but surely the hothouse is coming together.

No matter whether you are just starting out gardening, well established or returning to the garden as Spring unfolds always remember, a little each day soon adds up. Even if it is just 15 minutes a day, by the end of the week you have done over an hour of gardening, by the end of the month and by the end of the year the results are right in front of you and the garden will thank you ten fold.

Sending Light and Love,

Jude x



Garden Plans.

September 2, 2021



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