Oh my gosh! I have been unsubscribing left,  right and centre to different companies that have automatically put me on their mailing list when I have bought something from them, or done an online course with them or signed up to a mailing list that I am no longer interested in. Just to be clear with that last one, it isn’t personal, just that my interests have changed or I find that I no longer have the opportunity to read those newsletters.

But lets get back to unsubscribing, I am starting to equate it to stepping in dog p** and having trouble getting it off my shoe when I find that the next day I click on my inbox and those unsubscribed companies are back telling me that I can’t continue with them until I resubscribe! I have also been added back to email lists and sent more newsletters. The prize for most determined goes to Rockman’s women’s clothing company that for years keep messaging my husband to tell him about company specials, to be clear he doesn’t wear or buy women’s clothing and we (Liliana or I) have never given them our information or shopped with them. Yes we have unsubscribed several, several times and blocked their (several) different phone numbers…

When companies don’t respect my wishes to unsubscribe it feels disrespectful, grabby and desperate. I don’t want to be dealing with such companies or wish to continue buying something from them, it leaves a really bad taste. I find that I am buying less and less and what I do purchase I want the whole experience to feel good. I want to look at that product or think of that course fondly not feel ripped off or disrespected.

My intentions.

Right from the very start of setting up this blog, newsletter and subscription list (to receive free ebooks and Garden Postcards) my intentions have been the same. Feel free to unsubscribe when it suits you, I don’t check who comes and goes and I don’t take it personally. I also appreciate that you may want to subscribe to download a free ebook then unsubscribe again until my next ebook. I appreciate that you may miss reading some Garden Postcards (flowery newsletters) then catch up when you have the opportunity. It’s all there for you, think of it as a Fairy Wren Cottage bookshelf that you can visit anytime.

What matters is that you have access to the information that you are interested in or curious about. What matters to me is being able to pay forward what others have generously shared with me and that you always feel welcomed.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend, take precious care,

Jude x

Subscribing & Unsubscribing.

August 13, 2021



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