A week of doing small projects in between school work  and work that by Friday afternoon all adds up. It is the way we get things done, little by little.

Inside the cottage we are slowly chipping away at a freshen up some rooms.  A new blind for the bathroom windows and also giving the windows inside and out a good clean. A new toilet seat, because, well, you just need one every now and again. Talk of a fresh coat of paint in the bathroom planned over the next week or so. We’ll stick with the same colours, it will be lovely for this well used room to have a freshen up.

Outside I have been working away on my daily goal, spending at least half an hour a day tending to the Kitchen Garden. Methodically working my way around the garden beds. Weeding here and there, filling my pink bucket with weeds and self sown fennel seedlings each time, the hens in the big hen house love these treats. They are spending more time in their big hen house at the moment, during the day there has been an unwelcome visitor,  a hawk has been sitting on the garden gate watching their every move. We wait until we are outside to supervise the hens before they can free range. The hens and humans are all used to the routine of going in and out several times a day. The Silkies and Pekins do enjoy the warmth and protection of the hen house and only need a little coaxing inside  each time with some garden treats or sunflower seeds. Of course their is always one predictable hen that will go in the opposite direction and I can be certain that would be Rosebud the Silkie every. single. time!

The Honeybee, the Pekin ducks and the Indian Runner ducks have settled into a new routine, the garden feels more settled now. Honeybee is back to living by herself and is much happier for it. She does enjoy her bath all to herself! There is plenty of duck company for her and she likes to say her Hello’s through the fence to the other ducks as she potters about.

Michael helped me shift a rose late this afternoon that had been shaded out by a neighbouring  tree canopy growing tall and wide, I’m hoping to get a small olive tree, a hazelnut and a weeping cherry tree shifted over the next couple of days. Garden plans are wonderful aren’t they?!

Wishing you a peaceful weekend and hopefully some time outside too.

Sending Light & Love,

Jude x

Weekend Plans.

July 23, 2021



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