If you already subscribe to Fairy Wren Cottage the Quinces ebook has been sent to your email address. It’s the 2nd edition of this ebook and I just felt that I wanted to go back and rewrite it, share some more recent photos, things we have learnt along the way and give it a fresh new look. I initially wrote the ebook to answer all the quince questions I get and  put them in one easily accessible place instead of  all the Quince Orchard info being scattered between instagram posts and instagram stories, blog posts and direct messages. I’m sharing this knowledge because I believe in the power of learning from each other. I wish I had read an honest book like this when I was starting my gardening journey and planting a small orchard, life certainly would have been easier.

The ebook really is more than just an ebook about quince fruit and I hope that you enjoy it. I’d love if you could let  friends know about the ebook  too. If you haven’t already subscribed to Fairy Wren Cottage or read any of my free ebooks you can simply click of the My Ebooks tab at the top of the screen and follow the links. Remember there is no limit to how many ebooks you download.

Take precious care, Jude x

Quinces Ebook

May 19, 2021



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