Perpetual Rose. Old fashioned, blooms with dark pink/reddish coloured rose hips.

Growing Roses at Fairy Wren Cottage. I’ve written an article for the latest Grass Roots magazine, No. 260 Aug/Sept 2020 issue.

It was a joy to write, Lil and I love roses and just squeezed another 7 into the garden beds. Michael on the other hand is gracious in helping us planting and caring for them but a little perplexed as to why another rose!

I’ve included the photos I took of the roses in our garden that are included in the article since the article photo’s don’t have captions.

Graham Thomas Rose. Such a wonderful perfume.


The soft pink/greenish coloured roses are Pierre de Ronsard. The darker roses are a mix of Shakespeare & Munstead .


Pierre de Ronsard rose.

It was our daughter Liliana’s dream to be able to stand on her cubby house steps and pick roses, which is why we planted this Pierre de Ronsard rose where we did.

Perpetual Rose.

The Perpetual roses in this jug are all on one rose stem. That’s right, it looks like there must be several branches but part of the beauty of the Perpetual rose is how the petals fade as they flower and mature.

Happy Gardening,

Jude x

Roses. Grass Roots Magazine Article.

September 20, 2020



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