Pierre de Ronsard Rose climbing up the window of Liliana’s garden studio that was once her cubby house.

Southern Hemisphere friends you need to get your skates on if you haven’t already done your mail order for roses or bare rooted trees and particularly bare rooted fruit trees. Or maybe you are lucky enough to have a local nursery that will do a special order for you.

Geeveston Fanny Apples, a Tasmanian variety.

Some online rose catalogues have some stock remaining and the fruit tree nurseries seem to be at the end of their ordering season.

Michael and I have always purposely included our daughter Liliana in all our garden planning and discussions and with each garden order or nursery visit she gets to choose something for the garden. Our Lil is 17 now, her love of gardening and plant id has been caught not taught.

In the Permaculture Gardening section of this blog you can read more about planning the garden here at Fairy Wren Cottage.

The words regenerative and resilience are always gardening goals.

Remember, plant what you love to eat, what you can’t find easily at the shops or local markets and what is usually expensive, for us it is  fruits like Lemonade Citrus or Limes.

Northern Hemisphere friends, looking towards the Autumn/Winter months, what gaps are appearing in your garden after harvesting summer fruits and vegetables, that you can replace with some quick growing winter greens. Think spinach or kale to make an earthy green pesto or plant some micro greens to sprinkle on your meals.

A Rugosa rose that forms a hedge along our garden fence.

Sending Light & Love, happy gardening,

Jude x

Albertine Rose.



Rose & Fruit Tree Orders.

August 14, 2020



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