The mist is slowly moving in over the surrounding hills and mountains and as it starts to drizzle I pause before making my way inside. The Autumn Cherry Blossom is out and it is worth stopping to see it one last time close up before the end of the day.

It seems hard to believe that Cherry Blossom blooming on the first day of Winter is possible. But for years I have been consciously planting trees,  bushes and shrubs that do just that, flower during the colder months. It is all part of an effort to enjoy the colder months instead of feeling glum and miserable until the warmer months begin again.

I love flowers and picking a small posy most days, and try to include other things into our day to day that bring wellbeing and joy.

It is a conscious effort, and these seasonal rituals are something I have grown fond of and look forward to. The Autumn Cherry blossom blooming again each year is like a welcome friend. We have several trees and one planted directly outside our lounge room window, the sweet flowers look like fairy lights scattered amongst the branches and leaves turning those gorgeous Autumnal colours.

I have made a list of  plants, trees, bushes and shrubs that flower in our garden during the colder months. You can find it amongst the pages of my free ebook Nest. Looking for the Light during the Colder Months. Click here for the link.



What brings you wellbeing and joy during the colder months?

Keep safe and stay well.

Sending you Light & Love,

Jude x

Garden Postcards: Autumn Cherry Blossom.

June 1, 2020



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