Back in November I started a morning Gratitude Journal and in the evenings writing in an Evidence Journal.

There is lots of information online about the positive effects of Gratitude & Evidence Journals. Michael, Lil & I all have journals now, so beneficial for health and wellbeing.

What are they?

~ Gratitude Journal ~

Part of my morning routine is to write down 5 things I am grateful for.

~Evidence Journal ~

At the end of the day I write down what I have accomplished, things I have done and things I am grateful for.

Sometimes it is a short list, sometimes it isn’t. Then I take a few minutes to just sit. Ruminate.

Look out the window and watch the light.

~ Intentions for the week ~

On Sunday evenings after writing in my Evidence Journal I have started writing an Intentions for the Week list. Nothing fancy, it maybe a short paragraph, it maybe a list in bullet point form, it maybe a sentence or a daily mantra. eg:

Do Small Things With Much Love.

Being mindful of what is on, how I want to move through the week.

Reminding myself of things.

Maybe it is as simple as: remember your morning routine, then afterwards ask myself what is the next action to take for  my family and myself. Maybe the answer to that question is as simple as making sure the evening meal is ready or planned before lunchtime.

Maybe it is, while Lil is adjusting to new studies, keep things super simple,  meals prepared, the cottage clean and tidy, home life  calm, hold off on new projects until everyone is settled in to our new routine.

What we put our energy into expands.

Sending Light & Love, Jude x

Quiet Moments. Part III.

March 15, 2020



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