Just a quick post to share what we had for lunch using up the left overs from last nights meal.

It was stir fried vegetables in a tomato sauce with black beans, kidney & borlotti beans added to it, plus the Mexican spice blend we make ourselves. Adding a cup of cooked cous cous absorbed any excess liquid to make the filling moist and not dry.

~ What do you call them ? ~

A good way to finish off left over curry, stir fry or vegetable type casserole/stew is to use it as a filling in pastry triangles, pastry parcels or little pasties what ever you would like to call them. Some call them veggie samosa’s but are they are samosa if they are baked and not fried? Where are the cooking police when you need to ask them a question!

Made from shop bought puff pastry, thaw the pastry sheet so it is pliable and easy to work with.

Cut the large puff pastry square either into quarters for small triangles or half for a larger square shape.

Remember not to overfill the pastry & leave approx. 1cm around the edge for when you fold the pastry over & crimp the edge with a fork to seal the contents in the pastry. Prick some holes in the top with a fork or make a small cut in the pastry with a knife to let the steam out as it cooks.

Bake at 180 degrees celsius until golden brown.

Some do look a little pale and that is deliberate. They’ll go in the freezer to be reheated another day.

*If you don’t quite have enough left overs for another meal add a cup of cooked cous cous or rice.

Alternatively you could bulk your leftovers out with some frozen peas or corn if that would compliment your leftovers.

*Some of these veggie pasties will go in the freezer to re heat for an easy lunch another day. For that reason we didn’t bake them through completely until the pastry was golden brown.

Considering how much food goes into landfill, these are a quick way to prevent that happening and save you money.

From a young age Lil has been making these, learning good life skills, not just about cooking from scratch but by learning creative ways to prevent food from going to landfill or in our case to the hens/compost.

Happy Cooking,

Jude x

A quick Lunch.

November 15, 2019



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