Do Small Things with Much Love. Daily Mantra.

We are slowly returning to lovely ordinary days, windows wide open, going outside when we like, checking on the ducks, chooks and guinea pigs through out the day, looking to see if fruit is ripening on the trees, gathering a small bunch of herbs as we walk past the herb garden, soaking them in water when we come inside. Picking small bunches of flowers for the freshly dusted lounge room as we check to see if the washing on the line is dry.

Little by little getting things done, slowly it all comes together.

Before our injuries and illness I used to spend a large part of every Thursday cleaning the house, going room by room in one clean sweep then focusing on other things for the rest of the week.  But that is physically not possible anymore and even though physically I wish I could still do it all in one day I am glad that our daily routine has changed to focus on what we can do when and breaking up those jobs through out the day and over the week. It’s more pleasurable, I am more mindful of our surrounds. Combining tasks there is a rhythm to our days, a gentleness instead of a stop start kind of get it all done out of the way type of feeling.

Now that sometimes I physically cannot do some things it sure does make me feel very independent and fulfilled when I can.  Simple things like being able to peg out the washing, cutting up some soft nugget pumpkins to roast, changing the sheets and pillowcases on the bed.

I’m sure taking pride in our surrounds also links to how we feel about ourselves.  I know I feel even worse if I’m not feeling well and sitting in a room that needs dusting, the flowers are wilted and there are fur balls from our black labradors coat gathering in the corners!


Our days flow better when we have rough guidelines to get things done.

Our evening meal planned & prepped before lunch time. Even if it is just getting a frozen homemade meal out to defrost & checking there is enough rice or pasta to go with the dish.

Preparations for lunch start at about 11.30am. Lil makes lovely cooked lunches, usually a warm brown rice or quinoa salad. All part of her learning life skills.

The laundry organised before morning tea time.

The dishwasher emptied after breakfast, re stacked and put on after the lunch dishes go in.

Around 4ish we go outside and tend to the ducks, chooks, and  guinea pigs.  Get the washing off the line. Spend time in the garden after home schooling and when Michael arrives home.

When we come inside the evening meal is ready or needs little prep time and before dinner time washing is folded and projects put away.

So much goes on during our days and I always know things are getting out of balance when we stop this gentle rhythm.

Buttercup’s Australorp chicks are growing up fast!

When I was younger on that tread mill of busy busy busy I used to think these days were boring, wanting to switch things up, always searching for something new, boring boring boring I thought.

But it was exhausting, that searching for something new was actually looking for a sense of calm and belonging, fulfilment, a sense of peace, a gentleness.

The beauty in our days, peaceful moments of ordinary loveliness.

Jude x



Do Small Things with Much Love

February 11, 2019



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