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Fairy Wren Cottage blog is a journal of sorts about seasonal living & stopping to see the beauty in our day.
I believe in the power of paying forward what others have generously shared with me over the years. This is my offering.
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A bandicoot in the garden.

I’ve seen the Southern Brown Bandicoot in the front garden three times now. It never gets old. I find myself standing as quietly as possible and have to remind myself to breathe! The largest bandicoot we have seen by far, this darling potters about, digging a little and grazing. The first time I saw Brown […]


Early Hatching.

Michael got a surprise this morning when four sweet little chicks peered up at him as he lent over to check the settings on the incubator. The chicks have hatched a week early and are somewhat of a miracle. The incubator was still on the rotating cycle (not optimal for hatching chicks), it wasn’t on […]


Growing Heritage Fruit Trees. Part III.

~ Buying Heritage Fruit trees, lessons learnt ~ Mail order: With heritage fruit tree varities not always in great supply it can at times feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Searching through online catalogues and mail order has at times been the only way for us to source some fruit tree varieties. The […]


Honeybee & the Potatoes!

How is your garden list of things to do for the week looking? I’m trying to be realistic, prioritise things and still have that goal of doing something for half an hour in the garden each day.  Hopefully we’ll be able to tick everything off the list over the weekend weather permitting. Some tasks on […]


Garden Postcards: An Apricot Tree Story

21st June 2021. Garden Postcards. The Moorpark Apricot Tree. I feel like we have just said goodbye to an old friend this morning, but it was an old friend we had said goodbye to a couple of years ago that bought up these feelings of sadness and loss. It was also melancholy, remembering the fond […]


Garden Postcards ebook.

A warm welcome back to Fairy Wren Cottage and a heartfelt thank you for the lovely feedback I have been receiving since sharing my latest ebook. If you don’t already subscribe you can click the link to download Garden Postcards plus my other free ebooks. Preserve the Harvest, Quinces, Nest, Food Hedges, Quiet Moments and […]


Fairy Wren Cottage Postcards

I’m looking forward to sending  Fairy Wren Cottage Postcards (the 1st postcard was sent out last night to everyone who subscribes to the ebooks)  and I’m very grateful for the lovely messages of encouragement for this new series.  Some details if you didn’t receive a postcard. What is a Fairy Wren Cottage Postcard? I could […]


Bird Watching.

When we first shifted to Fairy Wren Cottage there were four types of birds that visited the garden… because over the last 11 years we have created and are continuing to maintain a bird friendly and wildlife friendly garden, we now have over 60 birds visiting or living in our garden. The increase in bird […]


Roses. Grass Roots Magazine Article.

Growing Roses at Fairy Wren Cottage. I’ve written an article for the latest Grass Roots magazine, No. 260 Aug/Sept 2020 issue. It was a joy to write, Lil and I love roses and just squeezed another 7 into the garden beds. Michael on the other hand is gracious in helping us planting and caring for […]


Snowdrops (Galanthus)

The first year we shifted to Fairy Wren Cottage we made a large bulk order of heritage fruit trees, the second year it was roses, the third year it was bulbs. Since then each year we buy a small selection of bulbs, it is a great gardening project that Lil especially loves. We pour through […]