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Fabric & Sewing

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Fairy Wren Cottage blog is a journal of sorts about seasonal living & stopping to see the beauty in our day.
Your time is precious, it's the greatest gift we can give ourselves & it's humbling that you would  take time out of your day to visit.

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Saving Poppy Seeds.

  How I save Poppy Seeds. 1. Once the poppy flowers lose their petals the plant will start to die off, the leaves will turn brown and drab. The seed heads will be green & slowly turn this colour (pictured above).   2. Vents need to be open like these. You need to be very […]


Establishing our Garden: Roses.

If buying bare rooted heritage fruit trees was a priority the first winter we were establishing the garden at Fairy Wren Cottage then planting roses was the priority for the second year. I saved up for a bulk order just like I did for the fruit trees. It is cheaper to buy roses bare rooted […]


Summer: In the Garden.

  We’ve been lucky here at Fairy Wren Cottage, now  into the first weeks of Summer and our water tank is still full. We are yet to experience  long hot days that roll into weeks, scorching the grass, truely reminding us that we live in a sunburnt country. While some gardeners in the warmer climates […]


Shifting to Fairy Wren Cottage.

We shifted to our property Fairy Wren Cottage in country Tasmania just over eight years ago.  The cottage was liveable if you liked shag pile carpet in every room including the kitchen and toilet, false ceilings just above the door frame height were made   from masonite and joined with plastic strips, the window frames were […]


Poppies: Bloom where You are Planted.

Just as the Winter is winding down to a slow end and the new Spring growth starts to become all so obvious we are reminded again and again of the saying ‘Bloom where You are Planted’ when we look around our garden marvelling at the self seeded poppies. Each Spring as the poppies that have […]


Break it down….

Because of my hand injury I am unable to do most things in one sitting, apply that to everything, cooking, gardening, getting dressed, you name it, so I break a task up into small doable steps for me.  Of course somedays are better than others. Like everything I do in my life since the accident […]


Spring at Fairy Wren Cottage

There are four distinct seasons here at Fairy Wren Cottage and life is gently guided by them. The wood heater is constantly burning through the late  Autumn and Winter months and the early days of Spring mark the slow beginnings of warmer days, the wood heater no longer being lit and longer day light hours, […]