Above: Extra bench space. Tasmania Oak cabinetry made to measure between an existing run of cabinets and a refrigerator.

Sometimes kitchens don’t need a complete overhaul, sometimes they just need tweeking to add extra shelving, bench space and storage.

Small additions that don’t blow the budget, the house doesn’t get turned upside down and you aren’t without a kitchen during the process.

You know that odd space in a kitchen, between the door and the fridge, next to the stove, above a run of cupboards where overhead cabinetry is too much but a smaller bespoke cabinet with glazing, shelving or a plate rack would work. Or you have been looking for a kitchen dresser or vintage piece but they don’t meet your specific requirements or they are the wrong length, depth or height or smell musty and damp. I can make a beautiful quality bespoke piece exactly to your design that is cost effective.

Above: Shelving installed to clients design. Overhead cabinets would have been too bulky for this part of the kitchen and made the room dark.

Above: A bespoke kitchen dresser with glazing in doors custom made to fit between the cooker and a doorway. The glazing reflects the natural light from the windows. Doors will always stop the dust accumilating on anything that is on display.

Above: Small but handy, shelving made from Tasmanian Oak. Tasmanian Oak cabinetry. Bench top Celery Top timber.

Above: Bespoke kitchen dresser ready to be varnished. Client’s design. The large area bottom right is for wood storage for the wood stove. Made from Tasmanian Oak and Red Ironbark bench top.

Above: Kitchen island designed by client. Tasmanian Oak, Red Ironbark bench top. I can make kitchen islands with castor wheels to move when necessary.

Above: Large pantry made from Tasmanian Oak. Table top made from Cypress. Pantry shelving can be made to your specific design and spacing to accomodate cookware, large and smaller storage jars, what makes things practical and easier for you.

Above: Shelving on the far left, alternative to overhead cabinets that would have blocked the light. Everyday items are easy to reach while cooking.

Painting and varnishing.

For several reasons I don’t paint or varnish. This keeps costs down for you.

I can give you timber samples (at no cost to you)  to test varnish or paint colours on. Please let me know and I can bring some samples with me when I see you.

Ask all the questions. It is important that working together is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

DM, phone or text during business hours.

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Bespoke Carpentry: Kitchens – Custom Made Pieces.

May 21, 2024



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