1.Don’t compare yourself to what other people are doing on social media. You aren’t them, you don’t know exactly what is going on behind the scenes. Someone saying “oh we renovated everything and landscaped the garden” can actually mean we paid for everything, had a big budget and got designers, tradespeople  and landscapers in to do everything in 6 months. Plus someone else watched the kids when I did a site inspection and had meetings with said professionals. No judgement. Just be mindful before you start comparing yourself and going down that comparison trap. It can be counterproductive. And trust me I know it can be easier said than done.

2.Take the time to do a job properly.

3.Clean up as you go.

4.Cutting corners on a job never works to your long term advantage both financially and in terms of having to go back and repeat the job properly. Builders bog is not a cheap solution, it is a temporary bandaid at best.

5.Treat your tradespeople how you want to be treated. Pay them on time at the time agreed. How humiliating and frustrating for you is it to go and have to ask to be paid for a job you have done with integrity, and received nothing but positive feedback from? Why would you knowingly put someone else in that position, a tradesperson who you expect to show up at your home, work in your home and continue to work for you and give you the best possible service.

Take precious care, Jude x


Renovating Overwhelm #2

March 4, 2021



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