It is that time of year again when Liliana and I join Juliane from @onebouquetperday on instagram to pick a posy of flowers each day, take a photo of the flowers, write a caption to go with the flowery photo including the names of the flowers, and post it on our instagram pages.

It is such a lovely mindful ritual and good motivation to go outside, especially at this time of the year in the Southern Hemisphere where we have just celebrated Winter Solstice. 

Since living at Fairy Wren Cottage I have been making it a goal to plant Winter flowering shrubs, plants, bushes and trees. The One Bouquet Per Day challenge keeps me on my toes, watching out for what is about to bloom, planning flower combinations and where to take the photos. It helps me learn more about photography and seasonal flowers when things like this challenge don’t come easily due to the weather, the lighting on a Winter’s day or availability of flowers (think finding every flower with its petals nibbled off overnight!!). 

Juliane very kindly contributed to my Nest ebook, sharing  the inspiration behind One Bouquet Per Day,

It is a gentle read and everyone is welcome to download the free ebook.

(I did an update of the ebook about a month ago, you are welcome to download it again for the latest edition).

All my social media accounts are an inclusive safe space, come in peace, lead with kindness and respect. Kindness is the currency.

Click here to download my free ebook Nest.

Stay safe and well.

Sending Light and Love,

Jude x

Click here to download Nest.

One Bouquet Per Day

June 23, 2020



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