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Dear Lovely Reader,

The self seeded poppies are out!

As I write this I find it hard to stay inside and not listen to the garden calling me.

The excitement of seeing different poppies unfurl from their tight buds, flipping their green caps off, their petals stretching out to feel the warmth in the air.

I walk outside with no particular task in mind, the importance of standing for so long in front of the poppies marvelling at them delays me from doing chores.

I  close my eyes, gently making memories.

I know there are few days in the year where I get the opportunity to do this while the poppies are in flower, yet the moments seem to slowdown while the poppies are in the garden and their season seems longer than it is.


The fact that poppies fare poorly after cutting them for the vase makes them even more special to cherish outside.

Poppies are what they are, they self seed in our garden where they do, they are loved and adored for just being poppies.

There are no garden plans for them, no expectations, no planning other than shift them if they are in a pathway to save them from the lawnmower.

Just the shear joy of seeing each poppy, it’s like welcoming old flowery friends back to the garden each year.

Sending love from afar, Jude x

~ Poppy postcard put together while listening to ~

Glass Opening by Phillip Glass performed by Sally Whitwell.

Wild Mountain Thyme, a traditional Scottish folk song. Performed by Sally Maer & Jessica Wells.

The Parting Glass, a traditional Irish song. Performed by Sally Maer. (cello version)



Garden Postcards: Poppies.

December 4, 2019



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