Thank you so much for the lovely feedback about my new free ebook Nest. Looking for the Light during the colder months.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to download the ebook yet it’s there for when you are ready. If you are undecided and wondering what it is about well  the title is pretty self explanatory.  It is a gentle read. Lots of flowery photo’s taken here at Fairy Wren Cottage in the home and garden. Made with love & made to share. Simple as that.

It has been on my mind since we returned  to Tasmania to write Nest. When the hygge type books started coming out in the shops I picked up the first one I saw, did a quick 10 second flick through, noticed no pictures, put it back down and haven’t picked up another one.  I didn’t want to read any because I didn’t want them consciously or sub consciously effecting my story of

Nest. Looking for the Light during the colder months.

My hope for my ebooks is to Share Knowledge, for people to know that the ebooks are on the shelf so to speak and  that they can download and access them when they like, so you will notice me showing up on social media talking about them a lot for that reason.  I am clumsy at putting myself forward at the best of times, and very slowly finding my voice with it all, bear with me! I also believe that we are all intelligent people and don’t need someone pushing us to do something, it is getting a balance.

My ebooks Preserving the Harvest, Quince and Nest. Looking for the Light during the colder months are over here if you are interested, you can download them on My Ebooks page, either way

Have a Gorgeous Day.

Sending Light & Love, Jude x


Nest. A new free ebook.

July 1, 2019



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