How I save Poppy Seeds.

1. Once the poppy flowers lose their petals the plant will start to die off, the leaves will turn brown and drab.

The seed heads will be green & slowly turn this colour (pictured above).


2. Vents need to be open like these.

You need to be very patient, the seeds are forming inside the seed head.  Wait until  these little vents open & it has been dry weather for at least 48 hours, that gives the seed time to dry out if it has been raining or accidentally watered with the hose.


3. Here is the fun part, collecting the tiny seeeds.  Have a jar or bowl underneath the poppy when you bend it over & gently tap the seed pod.

All this seed came from that poppy.  Think of all the flowers you will have next year because you waited.


4. Once the seed has been collected I take it inside & leave it in the bowl for a week or two, keep it out of sunlight, it just gives the seed extra time to dry out if it needs it before storing in an airtight glass jar.

5. Next year you will have lots of poppies to scatter in your garden beds after the first Autumn rains.

6. The bees will also be very very grateful that you could plant more poppies, they love them!

7. Just to recap.

See how there are no vents open yet & it is still too green?  Not ready yet! you need to be patient and wait!

Happy Gardening,

Jude x




Saving Poppy Seeds.

December 16, 2018



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