Just as the Winter is winding down to a slow end and the new Spring growth starts to become all so obvious we are reminded again and again of the saying ‘Bloom where You are Planted’ when we look around our garden marvelling at the self seeded poppies.

Each Spring as the poppies that have self seeded from last year’s flowers show signs of buds and blooms the anticipation mounts, my little family talks poppies at the breakfast, lunch and dinner table, we tell each other of new discoveries daily.

“Have you seen that poppy near the cubby house steps or the one in between the broad beans?”

Every morning the discovery and the surprise of finding new blooming poppies is so worth the wait of a full trip around the sun.  Breathtakingly beautiful from the tiniest flowers not much bigger that the largest coin that somehow flutter on their thin stems ever so gently in the warm Springtime breeze to the big blousy single poppies their petals look like the thinnest of crumpled crepe paper almost transparent.

Some poppies look like the fairies have visited, sprinkling them with gold dust.  The biggest surprises are the colours, some a little deeper and richer in colour then the year before, crisp white petals appearing when there has never been a white poppy before.

Some years there is the intention of tagging individual poppy plants, recording their colours, saving the seed separately, planting those tiny black seeds no larger than a pin head in pots full of soil to nurture, watch to see if the flowers from the previous year will be so alike.  And then the realisation of knowing the anticipation and surprise will be lost because we know what is planted and where makes the whole exercise seem not that worthwhile.  It is the anticipation and surprise that is half the fun, the joyful build up to those gorgeous poppies blooming, the yearly reminder of bloom where you are planted, a family gardening tradition of sorts, just like waiting for the first apples or peaches to ripen.

        Jude x


Poppies: Bloom where You are Planted.

November 27, 2018



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